img_3649Q: Will you learn my favorite song?
A: We can add a requested song to our list provided that we are given adequate advance notice of 60 days and that the song works within our style and instrumentation. We are happy to play a requested playlist of pre-recorded music as well.

Q: Will the band make announcements during the reception/event?

A: Yes. We’ll be happy to make any announcements for you. We can introduce the wedding party as well as announce any events. Our microphones are also available for your use for any announcements or toasts during the reception/event.

Alan and Mike have over 40 years of live music and event experience between them. Ask us about it and we have probably planned and executed something like it at least once!

Q: Can you provide music for the rest of our event? Ceremony? Dinner?
A: Yes we can provide music for your entire event for an additional cost. We can even consult and help with the overall planning of your event if it will help make the day less stressful for you!

Q: My venue has a DB maximum volume. Can you stay within those volume limits?
A: We can try to stay within any DB limit. We are a “live” band and not a DJ. So there is a minimum volume level we can attain and still provide an energetic performance. Some places have a very low DB requirement of 80db or less. Thats the equivalent of running a garbage disposal! A vacuum cleaner is about 70db. Two people in a loud conversation can reach 60! It’s hard to visualize that when talking to someone. Keep this in mind when choosing your venue.

Q: Do you handle the music for breaks and before the show?
A: Yes! We can play music agreed upon before the event or music you provide to us with an iPod/iPad.

Q: How will the band members dress?

A: We will discuss appropriate dress for your occasion when booking the group.

Q: When will the band need access to the facility?

A: We need access 2 hours before the first guests are expected to arrive. That way we can be set up out of the way when they begin to enter the facility.

Q: What if the reception/event agenda changes at the last minute?

A: We are very flexible and will try our best to accommodate any last-minute changes or requests.

Q: Will you travel?

A: Yes. We do events from the coast to the mountains and from Virginia to South Carolina!

Q: Do you need a stage? And what kind of electricity does the band require?

A: Our setup is very small and efficient. We do notrequire a stage, but if one is available, it is helpful. Stage size should be at least 16′ x 12′. For electricity, two 20-amp circuits will do.

img_4308Q: Do you play at all types of venues, including private parties?

A: Yes. We have entertained guests at wedding receptions and parties at a wide variety of venues, from simple backyard parties to ornate country clubs.

Q: What about the volume level?

A: We are a high energy band with 6 people and live drums. That does require a certain amount of volume. If necessary we can start soft and move up slowly. If a very low volume is a requirement for your venue, we may not be the best fit for your event. We are not extremely loud, but we are not super soft either.

Q: Does working with a band make everything more complicated?

A: Hiring a large band is a big decision! We want to make sure it’s as stress free as possible! We will work with you to make sure we fit into your day the best we possibly can. Often planning things months in advance with or your venue co-ordinator. We set up long before your guests arrive and provide great music for dancing and partying. A band delivers the added energy that you can only get with live music.

Q: I’m sold! How do I hire the band?

A: Great! If you can, come see us live! It’s a big day and a really big decision. We want you to be happy and excited about your choice! There is no better way to know if the band is a truly perfect fit than seeing the band play live!

Q: Who should I contact to book the band?

A: Please email or call Mike at (336) 509-7269 to check our availability for your reception date, and to discuss rates and our deposit policy.

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